To participate in the draw followers must post their CashApp addresses in the comments with the hashtag #BITCOINMEG

Rap star Megan Thee Stallion went on Twitter to offer her 5 million followers $1 million in Bitcoin. The cryptomime community is already quite used to celebrities quoting the digital currency, but the American rapper took things to a whole new level by announcing the partnership with Twitter.

The winner of the Apple Music Awards Best New Artist Award for 2020 is at the top of the U.S. charts this year, leading radios around the world with the song „Savage. Now she has decided to give attention to Bitcoin, and through a partnership with Square’s digital payment application Cash App, she will distribute $ 1 million in Bitcoin (R$ 5 million) through Twitter.

Square is a company of the Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, one of the biggest Bitcoin enthusiasts and defenders. He was excited about the campaign by retweeting the rap star’s post.

In a series of tweetings the rapper star says that Bitcoin „tends to value over time,“ encouraging people to make „smart moves with money.

„Bitcoin is a very smart investment and increases with time“.

To participate in the raffle followers must post their CashApp addresses in the comments with the hashtag #BITCOINMEG, where she announced that she would distribute Bitcoin for „as many tastes as she could“.

This year the rapper reached the peak of fame and received several Grammy nominations. Her tuite has already received more than 170,000 comments from people who want to win Bitcoins.

Jack Dorsey’s said his Cash App raised $1.63 billion „bitcoin revenue“, and „$32 million gross profit with bitcoin“ in the third quarter of fiscal year 2020. The company told the SEC that the figures represented annual increases of „approximately 15 times.

Despite the move, some cryptomime advocates criticized the rapper asking how much the star really knows about the digital currency.

„Has she read the whitepaper?“

Meanwhile, the CEO of the largest U.S. brokerage house has alerted investors who may be focusing on short-term speculation and encouraged users to seek resources and consult help to better understand the risks associated with investing in crypto currency.

It’s nothing new that famous rappers have an interest in cryptomotic. In 2018, 50 Cent accidentally discovered a $8 million stock in Bitcoin and Eminem created a song about how everyone was „getting into Bitcoin“ on their album „Kamikaze“.