Coincloud representative teaches step by step how to buy Bitcoin through ATMs in Brazil.

With more than ten ATMs currently spread throughout Brazil, CoinCloud teaches how to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptomoedas through ATMs. In partnership with the Bitcoin Market, the company launched a video on Youtube explaining the operation step by step.

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Although it is not necessary to have a Bitcoin Market account to use the cryptomotes ATM, the user must have an electronic address that represents the place where the balance will be sent by the machine, right after the operation is completed.

Besides Bitcoin, the Coincloud ATM allows trading more than 30 different cryptomotes, and all confirmation of the purchase and/or sale of Bitcoin happens through the user’s cell phone.

How to use an ATM for cryptomotes

Coincloud’s cryptomotes ATMs allow the purchase of cryptomotes in amounts starting from R$ 10. However, for cash withdrawals the minimum withdrawal amount is R$ 50.

„Now you can buy and sell cryptomotes directly from this machine. The purchases start at R$ 10 and the withdrawals at R$ 50. And it is not only Bitcoin, it has Litecoin, XRP in 30 currencies available for purchase and sale“.

To use the ATM, you must initially select the language on the machine. After that, the user must click on the start button, which is just below the current quotation for the cryptomeda shown on the display.

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After accepting the terms, the ATM step by step asks for a cell phone number to be entered into the cryptomach ATM. It will be through this contact that the equipment will send a message with an authentication number for the operation.

When entering the authentication number, the user must choose between buying or selling Bitcoin. If the interest is in altcoins, the customer can select the third option below, where 30 different cryptomoins are available.

Once this is done, the crypto wallet must be scanned by the Bitcoin ATM, with the email address where the balance will be sent. Thus, the user enters the desired amount in cryptomotes and then inserts the money into the ATM.

With the transaction confirmed, the balance in Bitcoin will appear in the user’s crypto wallet scanned. After clicking finish, a receipt of the transaction is sent by the ATM to the mobile number entered during the transaction.

Where to find Bitcoin ATM

Considered the largest Bitcoin ATM network in the world, Coincloud recently arrived in Brazil and already has eleven ATMs spread throughout the country, most of them in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Through the Coincloud ATM it is possible to buy and sell cryptomoedas in several places, such as at Leblon Mall, for example. The video shows the company’s representative, Isabella, using a Bitcoin ATM at the Sheraton WTC in São Paulo – SP.

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Besides the ATM at the Sheraton WTC, there are other Bitcoin ATMs spread throughout the country, with a strong concentration in the São Paulo capital.

„We have in Jardins, Itaim, Pinheiros, Alphaville, Sorocaba. And in Rio de Janeiro, in Barra da Tijuca“.